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She/Her  -  Drag Queen -  Austin, TX

Sabel started as an entertainer in Portland, Oregon in 2005, starting her pageant career in the oldest youth pageant in the country as Rosebud 31 at The Escape Nightclub. She continued to learn as a cabaret cast member, co host and star at The Embers Ave and Redcap Garage.
In 2010 she moved to Cherry Grove, Fire Island working at Cherry's on the Bay, wintering in NYC at Lips, Eastern Bloc, Phoenix, and The Historic Stonewall Inn.
November 2014 she moved to Austin, Tx working her way up to show director and then entertainment director at Rain on 4th. She spent most of her energy creating 9 seasons of Drag Class, Super Rush with Cupcake, getting Down N Dirty with Bobby Cook, and ended her reign at Rain with 100+ Sabel Shows where guests joined from all over the city and the country. While in Austin she held titles such as Austin USofA Newcomer, Austin Entertainer, and Austin USofA.
Currently you can find Sabel in Kona, Hawaii at Church Brunch and hosting Ladies of the Lot at MyBar (It's Your Bar Too).
**Summer 2021 catch her back at Cherry's on the Bay in Fire Island, NY**

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