Lady Grackle

MEET Lady Grackle

She/Her  -  Drag Queen -  Austin, TX

She’s know of the dirtiest mouth of the south! She loves to get #Rowdy. Lady Grackle has been performing for about 11 plus years .. she started her career as a sideshow entertainer being the bearded lady, swallowing swords, eating fire, doing the human blocked. She then transitioned more into a female illusionist type performance after winning Miss Austin Pride. Lady Grackle is also a former miss Austin entertainer of the year. Grackle is currently the head mama bird of the house at Highland Lounge, hosting and being the show director over the past 7 years. You can catch her there every Wednesday through Sunday at Highland Lounge! You can also catch Lady Grackle at the iron bear every Tuesday for BearBack bingo!

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