Booth & Stager & Vaccinations & Donations

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Booth & Stager & Vaccinations & Donations

Wow. 2020. What a year, huh? For more than 12 months now, the entire world has been dealing with the global COVID-19 pandemic. It’s hard to believe that we have been living in a world like this for so long, and almost harder to believe that we’re finally seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Vaccines have finally been developed, and are being distributed to Americans at unbelievable speeds. In fact, President Biden and his administration have announced that they are more than 40 days ahead of schedule in their vaccination campaign. That’s good news for everyone, at every age. There is finally a chance to breathe again (and maybe soon, without a mask)!

While we’re excited to finally see some hope moving forward, it would be remiss of us to not give some heartfelt attention to all of those affected by this horrible pandemic. The CDC reports that as of March 2021, there have been more than 29 million cases of COVID-19, and more than 530,000 of those have lost their lives. We are devastated by these numbers, and send love and support to all family and friends that have been affected by this disease.  

At Booth & Stager, we want to do our part to help provide some support to those affected by the virus. We believe in using our platform for good, and are always looking for ways to help our community.  

That’s why we’ve created “Vaccinated” shirts and added them to our store. As more and more Americans get vaccinated, they’ll likely want to share the news, and provide comfort to those around them. Especially in Texas, where Booth & Stager is based, as the mask mandate loosens, knowing people around you are vaccinated will be a reassuring thing to see. 

In efforts to give back to those within our community, Booth & Stager will be donating part of the proceeds from each Vaccinated shirt sold to The Artist Relief Project. Many artists, performers, musicians, and more have struggled financially due to venues being closed, shows being cancelled, and the art world just changing in general. The Artist Relief Project provides funds that will support artists in any discipline, who have been directly impacted by event cancellations and venue closures due to COVID19-related health concerns. 

For more information on finding a vaccine in your area, use the Vaccine Finder website. Once you’ve received your vaccine, check out the CDC’s recommendations on further protecting yourself and others

Hang in there. We’ve come a long way, and we’ve got a long way to go. But together we can stay safe, stay healthy, and stay happy.

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