Welcome to Booth & Stager

We know what it’s like to LOVE a Band, an Artist, or a Performer. Our closets are full of merch from our favorites. Imagine being able to find all your favorite performers, and their merch, in one place. 

We’ve created a place for all your favorite Stagers to have a Booth, totally virtual, and always open. We’re Booth & Stager. We’re working to keep fans and performers a way to stay connected like never before. 

Stagers create merch and share it with their fans. We handle all the heavy lifting so they can keep doing what they do to entertain. We make it easy for fans to buy the merch too, and even give them a chance to share a little love.

Showing off love for a performer is important, and Stagers LOVE to see it. Go to a drag show with your favorite queen’s face on a shirt. Go to an art opening with your favorite artist’s work on a bag. Go to a show with your favorite local band on a hat. 

Get what you need at Booth & Stager.